If you or someone you know suffers from a knee or hip problem, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, back pain, a stroke or a spinal injury, aquatic therapy can be a highly effective method of treatment.

Aquatic therapy reduces pressure on joints by reducing gravity’s effect. When your body is immersed in water, a certain level of buoyancy is achieved, relieving physical stress and increasing your flexibility, for a faster recovery. Aquatic therapy also reduces pain and inflammation, decreases muscle spasms and promotes cardiovascular fitness.

The full range of benefits associated with aquatic therapy rehab includes:

  • Treatment can begin sooner than on land

  • Water flow provides assistance/resistance to body movements

  • Higher resistance promotes improved muscle strength & endurance

  • Reduces pressure on joints & spine by reducing gravity’s effect

  • Reduces pain & inflammation

  • Decreases muscle spasms

  • Promotes increased range of motion

  • Enables relaxed patient participation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Aquatic therapy also gives our therapists an exceptional medium in which to develop customized exercise programs and treatment techniques as a prelude to traditional land-based rehabilitation. We specialize in aquatic therapy, providing the patient with an ideal atmosphere for early intervention exercises. When you are ready, our trained aquatic therapists will add resistance to progress your strengthening program.

The importance of regular sustained exercise becomes more recognized every day in these health-conscious times in which we live. The recent changes in our nation’s health services, from treating illness to the promotion of good health, reflect these views at the highest level. The conventional activities for achieving and maintaining fitness such as jogging and weight-training are, however, neither suitable nor enjoyable to many. That’s why aging baby boomers, the single largest demographic consumer group in history at 81 million, are now discovering that water is an ideal environment for low-stress exercises.

The water provides:

  • Sustained & gentle resistance for muscles to work against

  • Support to protect the weight-bearing joints

  • Uniform compression of the lower part of the body, a great advantage for circulation in the veins, which in turn benefits the heart & lungs

We have temperature-regulated lap pools onsite in our Onondaga Hill and Liverpool locations to meet your aquatic therapy needs. Please stop by any time to meet our trained therapists or tour our aquatic therapy center.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation