Project Description

Onondaga Hill

Why did you choose this profession?

My first experience with physical therapy was as a child when I suffered a spiral fracture of my arm. This introduced me to the profession, and gave me an early respect for what patients go through when suffering from intense pain. Toward the end of high school, I began shadowing physical therapists, and immediately knew this was exactly what I wanted to do as a career.

Did you know?

Prior to joining the team at Onondaga Physical Therapy, I owned my own physical therapy private practice where I treated many different types of conditions throughout the years. Spine injuries, Total joint replacements, pre and post-operative rotator cuff injuries, ACL and meniscus tears, over-use injuries and total body strengthening/conditioning are my special areas of interest. With over 17 years of combined experience as a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer, I am able to accurately diagnose and effectively treat the most challenging of injuries.

I have treated multiple high school, collegiate, and professional athletes who were rehabbing post-operatively from various sports-related injuries, and were able to get back on the field better than before and earn honors such as NCAA Freshman of the Year, NCAA All-American, as well as win several NCAA championship titles.

What are your best qualities as a practitioner?

If you are the type of patient that has a difficult diagnosis because “nothing is ever easy” when it comes to your past and current medical issues, then make an appointment to come see me today. With each and every patient I give a very thorough examination and I tend to look at the human body differently than other physical therapists. Helping you solve the most challenging of orthopedic issues is a deep passion that I have in the rehabilitation process.

I work with each patient individually to give them the focused one-on-one attention that is needed to help them become stronger, faster, and more balanced than ever before. Whether it is getting them onto the lacrosse field, back into the octagon, or knee deep in their garden, I find it both challenging and rewarding to watch my patients succeed beyond their expectations.