Project Description

​Why did you choose this profession?

I knew I wanted to be a PT from a young age. I went through therapy after being injured in a basketball game and had a such a fun time! My therapist helped me return to play as soon as possible, but was also able to make a genuine connection with me. I wanted to be able to help other people get back to the activities they love—just like my therapist did for me!

What do you believe is your best quality as a practitioner?

I’m always open to learning something new! I like to treat a wide variety of diagnoses; treating different people keeps me on my toes and always keeps my mind working.

Interests and Hobbies?

I like to stay active by playing sports such as basketball and softball! In the winter I always head out to the mountain for skiing with friends and family.

Did you know?

I played 4 years of college softball at Nazareth!

Favorite Sports Teams?

My favorite sports teams are the New England Patriots…and of course the Syracuse Orange!

Meet Meghan and her family