In 2006, Congress passed legislation that allows patients in New York State who need Physical Therapy to go directly to their Physical Therapist to receive an Evaluation and Treatment. A prescription will not be required to receive Physical Therapy treatment.

Direct Access

Direct access is very simple. New York State allows you to receive an evaluation and follow up treatment sessions for a maximum of 10 visits or 30 days (whichever comes first). To continue beyond the guideline, you will require to have a prescription from your provider.

Anyone is eligible to receive care under direct access, however certain insurance including Medicare, No Fault and Worker’s Compensation will not pay for care received without a referral.

Most commercial insurance plans (BCBS, MVP, United Health Care, etc) allow for treatment this way. Traditional Medicare, No Fault and Worker’s Compensation do not.

It honestly depends on how severe your problem is and what further testing might need to be done. Your physical therapist can help you decide if seeing your physician before 10 visits or 30 day might be advisable.

Direct access allows you to get to someone who can help treat you much sooner – saving time AND money. In the past, patients would often go visit their primary care, get x-rays, see a specialist, visit the pharmacy all before getting to a therapist. This old system has been show to be more expensive and not produce better recovery for patients.

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