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Communication and Accountability are key parts of our culture and our unique brand of Physical Therapy. As we have grown as a company, we have realized how important it is for us to set clear expectations with our patients through policies that enable us to improve the experience we provide to all of our patients, ultimately rewriting the healthcare experience.

Take a minute to read through our policies and be sure to let us know if you have any questions about them.

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Our Privacy Practices
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Onondaga Physical Therapy is committed to providing unmatched one on one care while offering an easy and seamless billing process that eliminates waste and inefficiencies.  Effective 7/1/2022, we require all patients to provide a Credit Card on File (CCOF), similar to the process used at hotels when checking in.  When arriving for your first visit, we will scan your credit card through our encrypted card reader for any unpaid copays or patient balances.  You will however always have the ability to pay by any payment method at time of service.  This policy applies to all patients regardless of coverage for care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Card on File (CCOF):

How does the CCOF process benefit patients? 

It is far more convenient for you – you don’t have to bring your form of payment with you each visit unless you prefer to pay by other means.  It makes check-in and check-out time much shorter if you tell the staff to use your CCOF.  You don’t have to call the office, buy a stamp or worry about getting around to paying your bill. It takes the hassle out of the process.  If  you get a statement and want to use a different card, pay by check, or discuss a payment plan, you may still do so as long as you do so promptly.  Statements request payment within 10 days of receipt, and CCOF will be charged after 20 days of non-payment.  

I’ve never had to do this before at any other healthcare office. Why are you requiring it?

While this may not yet be the norm in Central New York, many medical practices across the country have implemented CCOF policies.  With the changing healthcare environment, more responsibility of payment is being placed on the patient, placing greater burden on providers for collection activity. This new process dramatically cuts down on the administrative costs associated with billing. 

What if there is a problem with my bill and I don’t notice it until after the payment processes?

We hope that this doesn’t happen.  But, if you find a problem, call us and we’ll investigate it. If we owe you money, we will refund it promptly to the same card, another ease and benefit of CCOF. 

My insurance covers my bill in full – why do I need to do this?

We apply the same policy to all of our patients. By doing it this way, the temptation to play favoritism is eliminated and it removes us from the uncomfortable situation of having to decide who has to follow the policy and who doesn’t.  Insurance companies typically don’t cover equipment costs and do not cover no-show and cancellation fees that may be incurred.

I’m nervous about my card being stored.

We do not store your sensitive credit card information in our office. The gateway that stores your card information  is a secure clearinghouse that meets the industry standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and is certified.  Once your card is added into the gateway, your information is securely encrypted and our staff can only see the last 4 digits for reconciliation purposes.

Patients with Insurance Coverage

  • As a service to our patients, we will submit claims to your insurance carrier. In order to do so, you must provide us with accurate information and up to date ID cards.
  • As a courtesy to our patients, we will inform you of your benefits for physical therapy services – including annual limits on the number of visits, co-payments/coinsurances, deductibles & any other relevant details. This quotation is not a guarantee of coverage as the carrier determines coverage after final review of the claim.
  • We ask that patients understand that an Insurance Policy is an agreement between the patient and the Insurance Carrier. We will work to resolve any issues in coverage within reason, however ultimately you are financially responsible for any balance left unpaid by the insurance carrier.
  • If your insurance policy includes a Co-payment, Coinsurance, or Deductible to meet, this will be collected at the time of service. We accept Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard or Venmo.
  • If you are unable to pay for services in full, we require a payment plan agreement be in place. One of our Billing Department Staff Members will be happy to discuss our payment plan options.

Self/Cash-Pay Patients

  • If you do not have insurance coverage, payment is due at the time of service. For your convenience, we accept Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard or Venmo.
  • As a courtesy to our patients who do not wish to use insurance to pay for their care, we do offer an affordable self-pay rate.

Worker’s Compensation

  • Our practice does accept Workers Compensation for your physical therapy services. 
  • Please provide our staff with accurate requested information regarding your work-related injury at the time of scheduling your first appointment.  This includes Carrier’s name/address/phone number, Employer at time of injury, Date of Injury. This information is necessary to ensure we are compliant with Medical Treatment Guidelines put in place by the NYS Workers Compensation Board, and that your treatment will be covered.
  • At your first appointment, we may also request Copy of injury report (if one is available) and any reports of Independent Medical Exams (IME) or other documents.

Auto Accident/New York State No-Fault

  • Our Practice does accept No-Fault coverage for auto-related injuries that have occurred in New York.
  • Please provide our staff with accurate requested information regarding your auto-related injury at the time of scheduling your first appointment.
  • We will submit claims to the carrier as a courtesy, however, it is ultimately your responsibility to be sure the case is still open/accepting of claims throughout your treatment. Without this, you will be responsible for the bill. It is important to inform us of any scheduled Independent Medical Exams (IMEs).

Billing Questions

  • Patient statements are mailed out every 30 days. Late fees will be assessed after 90 days. If you are unable to pay in full each month, we do require payment plan arrangements to be made. Our Billing Department will be happy to discuss our payment plan options. There is a $20.00 returned check fee due from you for each check returned by your bank.
  • Please feel free to contact our Billing Department at (315) 635-5000, or visit our website for a list of Billing Frequently Asked Questions at www.onondagapt.com/faq
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Onondaga Physical Therapy offers unmatched 1 on 1 care and does not overbook or double-book appointments.  When you schedule an appointment, we are reserving this time for you and only you during the entire session.  Because of this 1 on 1 premium model,  we must enforce the following policy and please understand that fees are automatically applied regardless of reason.

Minimum 24 ‘business hour’ notice required when canceling any appointment

  • Monday appointments must be canceled by Friday 3:00 PM (weekend cancellations will be subject to a fee)
  • Cancellations are only accepted via text message or phone call to 315-635-5000.  Do NOT email or message us through our phone app
  • We expect you to arrive on time for all appointments.  Arriving more than 10 minutes late is considered a “no show” and you may not be seen

Please be considerate of our other patients.  If your personal or work schedule might affect your ability to keep your appointment, please don’t schedule until you are certain you can keep your time.  We realize sometimes this may mean calling us the day of.  Text message reminders are a courtesy and should NOT be used as a primary method of tracking your appointments.

Fees: (NOT covered by your insurance)

  • $25: Late Cancelation
  • $50: No Show.  In addition all future appointments will be deleted unless we can reach you via phone call to confirm your next appointment.  This is to prevent subsequent fees.

Repeated cancellations may result in discharge from our practice


  • If you convert your in-person visit to a virtual visit 
  • If you can change the TIME, not day, of your appointment
  • When the school district of your clinic closes, has a delay (AM cancellation) or dismisses early (PM cancellation) as well as when travel advisories are issued
  • A one-time credit may be offered in extenuating circumstances
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