Whether you are looking to start your fitness journey, join a new gym, an athlete returning to sport, or just simply looking to take your fitness routine to the next level… a functional movement screen can help you safely reach your goals.

Start Moving Better

  • Safely overcome fitness pleateaus

  • Avoid Frequent Injuries

  • Return to the gym

  • Stop avoiding exercises that you enjoy

  • Confidently try new exercises

  • Prevent pain after exercise

  • Receive guidance on your exercise routine frequency and duration

What’s Your Movement Baseline?

The Functional Movement Screen is a standardized movement screen that tests seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to identifying your functional movement quality. The process provides a reliable baseline for actionable and effective steps to improve your performance and recovery. Physical therapists trained in the Functional Movement System are specially trained to find dysfunctional movement patterns that could cause future harm.

A traffic light system of displaying results indicates which movements are safe to train and increase load versus which movements require correction before loading to prevent injury. Individualized corrective exercise routines are designed to address your specific needs and your specific goals. This standardized
screening enables the comparison of baseline results to future results, showing a personalized view of your progress as you work toward your goals.

Whether you’re ready to push yourself or simply start moving better, we are the experts in movement patterns. We can help. 

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