We Are Experts in Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation in Syracuse, Liverpool and Fayetteville, NY. 

We Can Help.

The statistics are staggering. 1 in 4 Americans aged 65+ fall each year, resulting in more than 2.8 million injuries treated in Emergency Rooms. We can help. The Gait and Balance Center is equipped with specially trained therapists and the technology required to deliver more effective treatment of gait, balance and vestibular disorders, protecting against falls in the home and within rehabilitation programs.

Offering Customized Programs For: 

  • Unsteadiness

  • Vertigo

  • BPPV

  • Inner ear problems

  • Decreased coordination

  • Balance deficits

  • Poor body control

  • Frequent falls

  • Neuropathy

  • Weakness

  • Fear of falling

  • Dizziness

There are many causes of poor balance as numerous body systems work together in harmony to achieve it. Only a specially trained therapist can decipher the root cause and provide an effective treatment approach. Our team incorporates the latest treatment options to ensure you regain the confidence and safety you need when moving about.

Some of these treatment options include Repositioning maneuvers, Head & eye gaze exercises, Balance retraining, Core stabilization, Gait training, Home modification, Coordination exercises, and Falls assessments.

These 1 on 1 treatment options help improve strength, endurance, balance, and coordination for safe walking, improve steadiness, and prevent falls – helping you achieve the steadiness and confidence you deserve.

Technology For More Effective Rehab

The Solo-Step System. Equipped with this overhead track and harness system, skilled therapists are able to work 1-on-1 with each patient with full range of motion during therapy. With this protection from falls in place, patients gain the confidence that they need to attempt more challenging activities, increase the intensity level and duration of the activity, ultimately pushing themselves to achieve their rehabilitation goals even faster. This system has enabled patients and therapists to enhance functional outcomes and increase quality of life by very simply removing the fear of falling from their treatment sessions.

Our Liverpool, NY, Syracuse, NY and Fayetteville/Dewitt, NY locations are equipped with the Solo-Step system.

Vestibular First Insight Pro™ Infrared Goggles. These Next-Generation video Frenzel goggles deliver vestibular diagnostics our experts allowing them to visualize and record eye movements in high-definition and at various playback speeds. This technology enables clinicians to closely monitor the nystagmus, or involuntary eye movements, during treatment. Watch the video to the right to witness how a patient’s therapist talks her through a treatment maneuver to treat dizziness while wearing these goggles. 

Balance Tracking System’s BTrackS™. The team at The Balance and Vestibular Center incorporates Computerized Balance Testing as part of the evaluation to ensure an accurate assessment. This technology allows therapists to create a more effective treatment plan and show objective progress toward rehabilitation goals.

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