Currently 25% of women in the U.S. report at least one dysfunction of the pelvic floor.  Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can result in many different limitations, from difficulty controlling your bladder or bowels to occasional leakage, and even pain with intercourse or menstrual management.

You don’t have to do this alone. You need an expert in pelvic floor rehabilitation. You need an individualized treatment plan and the tools & education to reach your goals. We can help in Syracuse, Clay and Dewitt, NY.

Why You Need A Specialist

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Physical Therapists have undergone specific, advanced training to effectively evaluate, treat and help you manage your pelvic floor dysfunction. Our specialist will assess not only the pelvic floor but your posture, hip and core strength, as well as assess any behavioral components that may be affecting your condition.

Common treatment techniques include:  Biofeedback for muscle activation, Core Stabilization, Behavioral management/strategies, Electrical stimulation for improved muscle activation and function, Postural assessment and treatment, Manual techniques to decrease muscle tone and improve normal tissue length

You Need a 1:1 Treatment Approach

Our Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialists have many tools at their disposal to help treat the source of your pain and dysfunction. By utilizing a variety of techniques in a treatment plan personalized for you, delivered 1:1 by our specialists, you’ll experience the unique advantage of choosing Onondaga Physical Therapy – you will be back to living, working and playing even better.

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