What is Telemedicine?

In short, telemedicine is a virtual visit with your healthcare provider, using a secure, HIPAA-Compliant video conference platform. This method of providing care, specifically physical therapy services is a great way to begin or continue with your care when in-person visits are not an option, or your daily life is standing in the way of you getting back to living, working, and playing better.

Your therapist has received specialized training to be sure they can utilize this “video conference” technology to visualize how you are doing and use strategies to guide you and progress your program in this new setting.

Telemedicine allows Physical Therapists to guide you to perform prescribed exercises within your own home for the first time ever. This enables them to guide you with the exact equipment, space, and obstacles you have within your own home versus from a distance within the clinic.

Life Happens. Pivot to Telemedicine

We get it. Life happens and things come up. That is why we have launched this program – to help you fit the care that you need into your busy schedule.

The road conditions are less than ideal  |  Childcare is unavailable  |   You’ve been quarantined   |    You’re sick  |   During recovery from a separate medical procedure  |  You want to reduce travel/commute times    |   When you have vehicle trouble  |    You need to squeeze Physical Therapy  into a jam-packed schedule

When something comes up last-minute for a scheduled visit, pivot to telemedicineLast-minute conversions from in-person visits to Telemedicine will have no cancellation fees assessed. Simply contact our office as you normally would. Our Office Staff will set you up and ensure you are ready and comfortable with the technology to meet with your therapist virtually instead.

Will my insurance cover telemedicine?

Commercial Insurance Plans

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Does My Insurance Cover Telemedicine?

Most insurance products cover telemedicine.  Coverage for Telemedicine is typically the same cost-sharing for the patient as an office visit. You can refer to your specific plan benefits or find out your specific cost-sharing amount by contacting your carrier and asking for Physical Therapy Benefits performed in an office setting as well as a Telemedicine visit.

Worker's Compensation and No Fault

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Worker’s Compensation and No-Fault Insurances will cover telemedicine visits only during illness with COVID-19 when you are unable to attend in-person visits.


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Medicare covers telemedicine.  There is no difference between the cost of telemedicine vs. in-person visits.

Other Insurances

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Does my insurance cover telemedicine?

At this time, most other insurances ARE covering telemedicine.  Please contact us!

Cash Pay Option

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What will Telemedicine Cost?

Individualized telemedicine visits are $120 for an evaluation and $65 for a treatment session. Payment can be made directly online.

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