Project Description

Why did you choose this profession?

I went into this field because I feel I can help people lead better, more functional lives just as doctors did for me in high school when I suffered from severe kyphosis of the spine.


Professionally, I enjoy treating patients with musculoskeletal sports related injuries. The shoulder is my favorite joint to treat because it has so many different ranges of motion. I am also interested in teaching clinical skills to PT Students.

Personally, I love to golf and spend time on the St. Lawrence River. I am an avid SU Sports Fan.

Did you know?

As a young man, I was diagnosed with severe kyphosis and had to wear a Milwaukee brace throughout high school.

Favorite TV Show?

Modern Family

Community Involvement?

I belong to Masonic Lodge #950. We do many charitable events throughout the year including raising money for baskets of food for needy families at Easter, Toys for Kids; a program where we deliver toys and bikes to children through Peace, Inc, and a Safety ID program where we supply ID’s and CD’s to families which provides them with a source of identification in the event a person ever came up missing.

What do you believe is your best quality as a practitioner?

My compassion and enthusiasm! Listening to people’s complaints and concerns and taking them into consideration all while trying to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves.

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