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Lauris Rigdon PT

Why did you choose this profession?

My decision to enter PT school was rather unusual. I had been preparing myself for a field in engineering early into my senior year of high school when a local college adviser met with our class to discuss growing career fields. Physical Therapy was one of those fields discussed and I had never considered it as a profession prior to that day. After looking into it further, I quickly changed my career path realizing that the reward of helping people overcome injury was exactly what I was looking for.

Interests and Hobbies:

I am no doubt a doer and struggle sitting still.  I do make time for the Syracuse Orange and the Buffalo Bills, but would prefer to be snow skiing in the winter or relaxing at our camp in the summer.  Boating, water-skiing, bonfires and family yard games keep us easily entertained.  I also love learning and can’t stop reading about business and leadership development.

Did you know?

I love to cook and have been perfecting my pizza dough recipe for my 900-degree pizza oven. I also love my smoker, charcoal grill, and Blackstone skillet for creating a tasty meal.

Favorite TV Show?

Jack Ryan and Stranger Things, along with Shark Tank remain my go-to shows.

Do you miss practicing as a therapist?

I miss providing hands-on care each and every day, but am fortunate that I can help so many other therapists now offer the same high-quality care I once offered.

Lauris Rigdon PT

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