Project Description

Why did you choose this profession?

I love making a difference in the lives of others. As an office coordinator I am able to work directly with patients and be apart of their physical therapy process. It is incredibly rewarding watching patients progress and witness the bettering of their quality of life!

Interests and Hobbies?

I absolutely love to travel with my husband! We’ve been to New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Nevada, and Punta Cana! Next year we will be cruising from California to Mexico, so I will be able to add those new places to my list! When I’m not traveling, I am usually exploring new hiking trails with my golden retriever, or riding four wheelers at my families camp!

What is your best quality as a professional?

I believe I am ambitious and a people person! I have an outstanding ability to connect and relate with people and patients, which offers me the opportunity to create long lasting relationships!

Did you know?

I try to seize every experience to the fullest!
I have parasailed 1,200ft above the Atlantic Ocean, I have ziplined over the immaculate casinos of Las Vegas, and I have snorkeled with dolphins in the Dominican Republic!

​What do you find most compelling about your job?

The most compelling aspect of being an office coordinator is being apart of patients transformation to feeling their best. I feel if I am making a positive impact in others lives then I am living my purpose!

What are some of your Favorites?

I grew up watching every baseball game with my family, our favorite being the Yankees and of course Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez were my favorites! NBT stadium is so centrally located though that I love going to watch the Syracuse Mets play all season long, I even bring my golden retriever when they have their semi-annual “Bark in the Park” events!

When I’m not outside, I do have a few favorite tv shows I always go to: Criminal Minds, Master Chef and if I need a good laugh, Impractical Jokers!

Without a doubt, my favorite food always has been and probably always will be- turkey sandwiches! I would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could! Wegmans vanilla cake with vanilla frosting though is undoubtedly my guilty pleasure!

What are you doing in the Community?

I love working with the Rescue Mission! I have volunteered with them for a few years now. I delivered Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving day and I have delivered warm Christmas meals to those on Christmas day. I believe that the best gift we can give someone is our time! I love being able to provide them with a warm holiday meal but also friendly conversation to remind them that they are never alone and are always thought of!

Meet Tonya and her family