“I originally went to your facility when my significant other had to go to physical therapy. I saw how he was treated and how his therapist was tailored to him. So when I had to go I chose your facility. I would highly recommend Onondaga Physical Therapy to anybody who needs physical therapy. I enjoyed working with Taryn as she has a great personality and ability to make you want to do your home therapy as well. Because of her, I have been able to avoid neck surgery, although were not able to rid the tingling and numbness in my right. I have since had a nerve conduction study with my results being carpal tunnel in both wrists. The doctor is trying some braces first but may in the long run have to do surgery. Overall great results.”

Lynn Stark – Syracuse, NY 11/28/17

“The care I received at Onondaga Physical Therapy in Baldwinsville was exceptional. Courtney is not only a great therapist, she is also a wonderful person. When in her face you feel like you are the most important person to her.

I had come to physical therapy with a very bad pain in my left leg. Courtney treated my leg quickly and me feeling like I really was going to be able to exercise without pain.

I’m very happy to say that I’m back to running pain-free for 10 miles and feeling great, thanks to Courtney!”

Karen Parsons – Baldwinsville, NY 12/13/16

“I found the time spent there was worth while and helped me to understand my body strength and limitations. I have been doing the exercises I was doing there and I feel stronger.

The staff were friendly and helpful and my therapist was very professional. He not only is a great instructor but I find him to be truthful, helpful and very professional. I would use you again if needed. Thank you!”

Patricia Leonard – Syracuse, NY 6/14/18

“Always greeted with kindness and positivity. Listened and and provided empathy and helpful suggestions. Helped me to be sure I was doing the exercises with good form to maximize my efforts. Had a good sense of humor which helps when patient is in pai or trying to work through a painful exercise. Worked with my face but kept us moving through timely. Was very knowledgeable and listened well. I didn’t feel like a “number being processed through” – really appreciated that! Have kept up with the exercises and they have helped progress toward reduced pain and increased endurance. Will seek out same therapist if I need PT again. Thank you!”

J.C. – Phoenix, NY 5/3/18

“​Laura & Julie really know Physical Therapy better than some others I’ve been to!”

Anne M. – Pompey, NY 8/8/17

“​I first chose Onondaga Physical Therapy because of their locations near my home and work. The office staff was great and very responsive to any question or request I made. When I first met Garry I felt he was very knowledgeable and compassionate so I did the exercises and trusted him from the first day. He didn’t just have me do the same things over and over but instead listened to my feedback and made adjustments to my treatments. Some days I was really in pain heading into my appointment and he would focus more on treatment then exercises which was greatly appreciated. They were flexible with my schedule and found ways to get me in and back to normal. Now I am back to playing with my kids and enjoying playing sports again. Hopefully I will not need a physical therapist in the future but if I do I am reaching out to Garry and Onondaga Physical Therapy.”

Greg Kline – Cicero, NY 6/2/17

“​Julie, at the DeWitt location, was wonderful. During our first meeting she sat with us and listened patiently to our concerns and goals for PT. She gave detailed goals and explanations of her training over 4 weeks. She was very knowledgeable and patient. We have seen improvement already and were given tools to continue treatment on our own. Thank you!”

Mia A.- Fayetteville, NY 5/24/17

“I can not say enough good about Julie and the office. Very easy to schedule appointments, LOVE the morning appointments, very individualized care! My complaint was not the “usual” conventional PT complaint, but Julie handled it well. I have been to other physical therapy offices MANY times and this was by far the best. Thank you so much!

P.S. And it was great that Renée checks benefits and informs you so well about them.”

Cyndi Stresing- Syracuse, NY 5/11/17

“Julie is the best! After having my second ankle surgery she was able to help me get back to competing for track. She always answered my questions and addressed any concerns. She took the time to get to know me throughout the process, making PT an enjoyable part of my day.”

Nora- DeWitt, NY 4/11/17

“Dear Julie,
Thank you for all the assistance you gave me during my recovery from the auto accident which caused four broken ribs. As a 75 year old, I was convinced that my skiing and golfing days were over. But through your help and encouragement the therapy certainly worked to make me feel better. I am looking forward to the golf course and to using my new nine iron soon.

I totally enjoyed coming three days a week to work out there as well as learning what to do as a supplement at home. I tell everyone who asks: my recovery is largely due to the great physical therapy which I was fortunate to have. Thank you for being there.”

Cindy Buckley- Jamesville, NY 4/9/17

“Julie is an amazing therapist– my tennis elbow was healed in only 10 sessions.  She taught me lots about how the muscles work with each other and where they begin and end so I could be fully aware of how the exercises were supposed to be of help.  She really knows her stuff!  I will recommend your services at any time and I miss my regular visits with my new “friends.”

WC- DeWitt, NY 3/17/17

“First of all, my husband and I think my personal therapist, Erin, was super in her training. She is a super person to train with and I am now able to rise from a chair, which I was unable to do before starting therapy.

I also have a muscle and nerve disease that the physicians are unable to identify and I am sure my therapy sessions have helped me with this. Please extend my thanks to Erin for all she has helped me with therapy!”

Gloria Hahn- Cicero, NY 3/8/17

“I was very pleased to choose Onondaga Physical Therapy for my therapy. Your staff was good and professional. Enas Eraqi, DPT was my physical therapist for the problem I had. She is an excellent therapist. My probbly was corrected and I am on the road to good health. I would recommend Onondaga Physical Therapy. ”

Richard Castellini – Syracuse, NY 03/08/18

“I would just like to say that my experience at OPT has been excellent! The staff are informative, helpful and kind. I will continue to seek the advice and expertise that Gabe providers for all of my physical therapy needs. ”

Michelle Louis – Baldwinsville, NY 7/18/18

“My experience with Taryn has been awesome. I came here from another practice which I loved, yet they closed. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I am thrilled with my decision. Taryn is very skilled and a great listener. She gently pushed me to improve. I would highly recommend her!”

A.P. – Syracuse, NY 5/29/18

“My experience with Taryn has been awesome. I came here from another practice which I loved, yet they closed. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I am thrilled with my decision. Taryn is very skilled and a great listener. She gently pushed me to improve. I would highly recommend her!”

A.P. – Syracuse, NY 5/29/18

“In 2012 I had my left knee replaced and in 2015 I had my right knee replaced. On both occasions I had physical therapists come to my house from the hospital and then two weeks later, I went to a physical therapist in the Baldwinsville area. So in all, I have experienced 4 physical therapists before coming to Onondaga Physical Therapy.

From my experience, I can tell you that Gabriel Briggs from Onondaga Physical Therapy was by far the very best therapist that I had.

On a scale from 1-10, the other therapists were around a 6 or 7 and Gabriel Briggs far exceeded a 10. He was pleasant, informative, and did “hands on” therapy, which the others did not. I’m sure that his expertise and help is why I was able to regain so much motion in my replacement shoulder. There doesn’t seem to be anything that I cannot do, even though Dr. Everding told me that I would probably not regain full use of my arm. I followed his instructions and did some of my therapy at home and saw Mr. Briggs 3 times per week for 7 weeks. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my therapy.

I must comment on the lady, Sheila, who was in the office taking care of appointments and payments. She was extremely friendly and pleasant to talk to also.

All in all, I would give Onondaga Physical Therapy in Baldwinsville the highest rating possible and if need be, I would certainly go there again and will recommend them to my friends.”

C.T. –  Baldwinsville, NY 7/3/18

“I want to say thank you to Onondaga Physical Therapy and specifically Erin for her professional help. I came in after getting two herniated discs and hoping not to have to have surgery to get the pain and immobility to go away. Erin worked with me on stretches and other techniques to allow my back to heal and answered my constant questions. After 6 weeks, I can go back to the gym to get back in shape and continue to strengthen my back. Stretches for life but beats the consequences.”

Rick S – Brewerton, NY 7/5/17

“I had vertigo and Julie, the therapist, was able to stop it by twisting my head from side to side. She was so sweet and professional to me and very patient. I would recommend Onondaga Physical Therapy to anyone with this problem. I have already referred some of my friends with problems to go see them. I was also surprised that Julie called me to check up and see how I was doing! Never do you see that in this day and age! I was impressed!”

Anne Mazze- Liverpool, NY 5/24/17

“I had a great experience at Onondaga PT. My physical therapist was Laura Kirkpatrick and she was awesome. She really listened to me and responded to my needs and requests. She tailored my routines and home exercises to ensure gradual strengthening and return to normal activities. Laura has a great attitude and can-do personality which helps make you want to work hard and improve. Thanks to Laura, I would definitely recommend Onondaga PT to friends in need of physical therapy.”

E.H.- Fayetteville, NY 5/22/17

“I can’t say enough about my PT I received at Onondaga PT. My therapist Julie’s expertise created a plan to strengthen and improve my mobility after having spinal fusion. I truly felt her passion and devotion for wanting to improve her patients quality of life. The knowledge and ability to explain my treatment in terms I easily understand was important to me. The whole experience exceeded expectations and would highly recommend. Everyone goes above and beyond and is extremely friendly which makes you feel comfortable. Thank you for helping make the quality of my life much better.”

Dawn F. – E. Syracuse, NY 4/17/17

“Very nice experience. The therapist was very understanding and nothing was too painful. My neck was very tight, but after exercises it felt great. Thanks again for helping a 90 year old gal!”

Jacqueline Sampsell- DeWitt, NY 4/11/17

“I am very thankful for the care and attention that I received at Onondaga Therapy in Baldwinsville, NY. I especially want to thank Mary Smith for her attention to details regarding my personal needs after a particularly painful Achilles tendon reconstruction surgery.

Mary gave me all the tools necessary to achieve the outcome I had hoped for. I also want to thank Stacey and Courtney, on staff, for the way they smile and support everyone that comes through the door regardless as to whose client they may be.

I highly recommend Onondaga Therapy.”

Bill Scanlon – Phoenix, NY 3/24/17

“My daughter, Kaitlyn, had trouble with her shoulder and Julie was great with her!  She was great at showing my daughter her exercises and monitoring to make sure she was doing them correctly.  She gave Katie a Theraband and sent her home with exercises to do at home.  The front office staff was so professional with scheduling our appointments and with follow-up too!  It was definitely a better experience than I’ve had at other PT offices.  Thank you, Julie, and everyone, for being so professional and easy to work with!  Katie’s shoulder is stronger than ever now!”

Nikki L.- Jamesville, NY 3/7/17