Looking for some easy ways to get more exercise?  We’ve put together 10 ideas for getting more exercise during a normal day, even with a jam-packed schedule. Small changes in your daily life can really add up to a lot more exercise and activity. Try these out and see what you think, or better yet, let us know what some of your favorite ways to sneak activity into your day are.

1. Always take the stairs. 

Elevators and escalators might be quicker, but taking the stairs is an easy way to get more steps in and a few extra minutes of exercise.

2. Make your lunch a “working lunch”

Take some time to take a brisk walk or perform some squats or push-ups during your lunch break. Over the course of the week, you will have increased your time spent exercising substantially. 

3. Dedicate commercial breaks for completing a few exercises.

When you’re at home watching television, use the commercials break or an ad popping up as an excuse to perform various exercises such as jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, etc. Again, the amount of time you spent exercising will increase substantially – there are more commercial breaks and ads during streaming a series than you might realize! 

4. Stand & Walk Regularly throughout your workday.

Remember to take a short walking break every 60 to 90 minutes. Most fitness/activity trackers and smartwatches have a reminder feature built-in – be sure to honor the reminders! If you don’t have one of these devices to remind you, set a timer on your computer or phone to remind you to get up and walk around for a few minutes. 

5. Stretch while you work.

If you are sitting down working or performing a task for long periods of time, you can perform simple hamstring and piriformis stretches while sitting at a desk or other workstation.

6.  Get some steps in while talking on the phone.

Another great way to get more time standing and walking during the day is to always stand or walk while talking on the phone.

7. Explore new ways to exercise. 

Feeling bored with your current exercise routine or hitting a plateau? Keep yourself interested and on course to achieve your fitness goals by trying out a new class at a fitness center or gym.

8. Take fewer rest breaks during tasks.

Think about how often you might slow down or take a rest break while cleaning your house or completing other chores. Reduce the amount of slower or rest periods you take. This is another great way to turn tasks of daily life into exercise!

9. Add a few Squats or Heel Raises into household chores.

While doing dishes, waiting for food to reheat in a microwave, looking into the refrigerator, waiting for water to boil, while washing your produce at the sink. These are just a few tasks that could be turned into an opportunity to exercise.

10. Park Farther Away.

Parking lots are very large and a great way to increase your steps each day. Always opt to park farther away for the extra exercise. Not only is this a healthy habit for YOU, but it helps to keep the closer spots open for those who might really need them.