Why is balance so essential to our everyday function? Will it progressively get worse as I age? What things can I do to make it better? These are the questions that are commonly thought and asked by patients in PT. Below is a bit of information that answers these questions and will help you get on the right balance path!

Why is balance so essential to our everyday function:

Balance is composed of four bodily systems; Muscle strength, Vestibular function, Proprioception, and Vision. If there is a problem with one of these systems then your balance will most likely be off.

We need all systems to work together to keep ourselves from losing their balance and falling. When balance is lost and someone falls or is very unstable moving around, they risk breaking a bone, hitting their head, or causing other internal damage. 

Will balance progressively get worse as I age: The answer to this is NO! Balance should not get worse as you age. Neglecting issues, problems, weaknesses or symptoms of poor balance over the years will make you at risk for falling and lead to poor balance as you age. This can lead to hip fractures, severe falls and concussions. It is imperative to contact your Doctor or go see a Physical Therapist to seek assistance with balance and improve your impairments. 

What things will make it better: This is where PT comes in! Come on in for a Physical Therapy Evaluation or a free Injury Screen at one of our clinics and safe, constructive exercises can be shown to you to help you with your balance and decrease your risk of falls!