The American Society for Surgery of the Hand Urges Firework Safety in an Effort to Reduce the Number of Injuries Each Year 

Summer has FINALLY arrived and many of us use Fireworks as a part of our summer celebrations, but many people fail to realize just how dangerous they can be. “Fireworks caused over 11, 000 injuries last year alone, these injuries can be particularly difficult to treat because they involve both burns and blast injuries, which damage tissues from the skin through the bone and can even cause partial or complete hand amputation.”

Fireworks can be very unpredictable, and even TRAINED technicians are susceptible to injury. But of course, we understand why we all love fireworks so much!  

IF you plan on using or attending a Firework show this summer follow these precautions: 
  1. Be sure that people nearby are aware of any plan to use fireworks. 
  2. If attending a public display yourself be sure to pay attention and be aware of all rules and regulations established by the authorities and crew in charge. 
  3. Do not consume alcohol or use other drugs when choosing to use a firework, as it may impair judgment and dexterity.
  4. Always use personal protective equipment.

We often take advantage of our Hands, don’t forget how important they are. We use that as our primary tools for exploring the world; an injury can permanently impact your home and work life. Please be safe this season!