Hands Texting

4 Quick Tips for Avoiding Hand Injuries

We live in a technology friendly world. In the United States, the average person can send more than 40 emails daily and spends around 30 hours a week texting.  Our hands, wrists, fingers and elbows get more of a workout then many of us are aware. All of these repetitive tasks set us up for pathologies, or injuries. Some of the most common hand and wrist ailments that result from these activities are Trigger thumb, Thumb Arthritis, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Our children are getting cell phones and becoming accustomed to the use of technology at an earlier age, putting them at higher risk for developing these pathologies.

It’s never too early to protect your hands! Read below for some easy tricks to avoid these repetitive stress injuries…

  1. Change the way you use your smart device by change your grip regularly, change which hand you use to hold your device, use a different finger and change the position of your body every 10-20 minutes. 
  2. Avoid holding your phone to your ear by using your speaker phone. 
  3. Avoid spending any prolonged time with your elbows bent, or leaning on a desk or table in front of you.
  4. Most importantly…GET MOVING! Strengthen and stretch your fingers, hands, and wrists daily. 

Enter the physical therapist…

Unsure of where to start with strengthening and stretching your fingers, hands and wrists? Call, Text or Request an Appointment with our office to set up a Free Injury Screening with one of our Physical Therapists.