Most people equate having good core strength to six-pack abs.  The truth is that even though the six-pack or outer layer of muscle looks good, it is not the same as having a strong core.  The core muscles are actually a group of deep muscles that control and stabilize the pelvis and spine and are critically important for many many reasons:

  • Alleviate or minimize back pain
  • Improve posture
  • Help improve athletic performance
  • Improve balance

Many people are surprised to learn how inter-related core strength and balance are.  Without a strong core, your spine and pelvis do not have the stability to allow your limbs to move properly.  If you have weakness in the core, you are more susceptible to injuries and have a higher risk of falls.

Developing a good core strengthening program is vital as we age because vision, reaction time, leg strength and coordination all start to decline.  Developing a proper program is where a physical therapist can help.  

You cannot simply assign a core-strengthening exercise and expect the client to have the motor planning and brain-to-body muscle recruitment to complete it. 

Our physical therapists are focused on hands-on, neuromuscular re-education to perfect the fundamentals of core activation. We offer a unique brand of unmatched one-on-one care that is critical when challenging patients to work outside of their comfort zone. 

We are movement specialists that dedicate ourselves to improving the lives of others. We know balance deficits and core strengthening. We can help.

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