Telemedicine is utilizing technology, such as video calling, for the discussion, assessment and prescription of pelvic floor dysfunction.  We would discuss your symptoms, any changes and concerns you may have regarding your condition, as well as any orthopedic history you may have as well.

Following a discussion, you will be asked to perform certain movements, we will assess your posture, spine, hips and back; the pelvic floor does not work independently of other structures, therefore our assessment needs to include this orthopedic information.  We will then ask you to perform a self-assessment of the pelvic floor; feeling different areas and assessing for any soreness or sensitivity. We are also able to assist you with performing exercises necessary for your condition through communication and coaching.

Although this is not typical or standard physical therapy, it is important to remember the greatest value your PT brings is their knowledge.  We are movement specialists who can identify dysfunction with our eyes and ears, and assist you with communication and support to ensure you’re achieving your goals of treatment.