As we are hitting the two month mark of gyms being closed and most home gym equipment continues to be hard to find, it’s time to get creative to keep working out at home! Besides many body weight exercises that can be done with no equipment at all, there are a lot of everyday household objects that can be used as a small weight to keep your routine going.

Water Bottles

 The average water bottle weighs about 1 pound and with an easy grip they can be used for many exercises. You can try a bent over row using a water bottle.

Cans of Soup or Jars of Sauce

Grab a can of soup or a jar of sauce and try a tricep extension as shown to the left

Bag of flour

Most bags of flour are sold at 5 pounds. A great way to take advantage of using bags of flour at home without a mess is to put them inside of a plastic or reusable bag. This helps you to get a better grip on the bag and also protect you from a mess in case the paper bag were to rip open! Lunges while holding the bag as shown to the right are a great home exercise. 

Gallon of water

 A gallon of liquid weighs about 8 pounds. Both a gallon and half gallon container have nice handles that can be used to grip for increased weight. The handle shape also can be used like a kettle bell. I recommend filling the jug with water once the milk is gone and then this could be filled less or more with water to adjust to the amount of weight you’re looking to use. 

Try a squat with a gallon of water!

Bottom step on a flight of stairs

You can do forward or sideways step ups on the bottom step!